Disclosure Statement

So, You Want To Know the Whole Story?  All Right.  You Asked.
Well, you didn't ask.  The government is insisting.  I doubt very seriously "the gov" really cares what I'm doing here at Family Stories.  However, since I am a person that follows all the rules [*snort.* Notice that I didn't say whose rules I'm following.], I thought I'd let you know exactly what I'm doing here at Family Stories.  My blog didn't start out as a way to pay some bills.  I simply had a story or two to tell, and I thought I'd share them with you, so that maybe you could get excited about your own family stories.  Ah, but then real life butted it's head into a rather perfect plan.  [If I do say so myself.]  You know, "real things" like my daughter will be driving in 1-1/2 years.  [Gulp.]  "Real things" like my kids' college education because my husband and I don't want them living with us forever. [They will move out, right?]  I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

Remember, You Asked...
Anyways, it seems the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) would like me to let you know [like, you couldn't figure it out all on your own] that, hey, if you click on an ad on my blog, then I might be getting some type of commission or compensation of sorts

Please Note: 
Most of the ads I have on my blog are for companies that I have used in the past or do use currently in writing my family stories.  [You didn't think I did all that research by myself, did you?]  In addition, all of my ads do pertain to family, history, genealogy, family stories, research, and the like in some form or fashion.  Every now and again, I do mention one of the companies in my stories, but only if it pertains to the research I did and the resulting story.  I am not always paid for these mentions, but if I am, I will let you know.  That's right. I'll be transparent. Like glass. Very clean glass. In fact, there will be no doubt in your mind.

And? I do reviews of related services and products (including books). These, of course, are unbiased reviews, even though the companies may supply whatever item they want me to review. You're getting the unvarnished truth in these reviews. Now, the tricky part? These reviews of services and products must be related to my actual research of my family's and my husband's family stories. For all other reviews see my professional blog at 4YourFamilyStory.com.

Mama's Whatnot
Basically, I'll let you know if and when I mention a company or if I do a review of a company's service that I'm actually doing it. Also? My reviews will be unbiased. Because the Lord knows I don't want any trouble around here.  Well, other than the trouble I have of figuring out all my "Mary's," "Polly's," [rolling eyes heavenward] murders, and whatnot.  This way, I know that you know [Goodness, what is it that we know?] ~ Oh yes, that we all know that Mama's got some family stories that she wants to share with you AND Mama's got some bills to pay.

There.  That's Family Stories' Disclosure Statement in a nutshell [or two].


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